Hello and welcome to my dog ate my blog!

I’m Lisa and this is my little love, Floki.

My fiance and I adopted Floki from Ark Animal centre in August 2017 and he has totally captured our hearts.

I have been working in the pet retail industry for the past three years and have developed a deep passion for promoting organic nutrition, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly pet products.

Naturally, Floki is the centre of my universe and I want to give him the best life possible; what dog mom wouldn’t? However, I have found that looking for answers to even the most simple questions can be really difficult at times; especially when I am trying to source something locally, here in South Africa.

In the name of dog mom research and educating myself on what’s best for Floki, I have become obsessed about too many things to keep the information to myself! All I want to do is share what I’ve learnt along the way; in hopes that it will help us all provide a healthy and conscious lifestyle for our fur babies.

Much love and light,

Lisa & Floki