Peggy & Me by Miranda Hart: Book Review

Peggy & Me by Miranda Hart: Book Review

Peggy & Me by Miranda Hart: Book Review

If you don’t know who Miranda Hart is, we can’t be friends.

Just kidding!

Although I do strongly suggest you find a video clip on YouTube, or get your paws on her self titled TV series “Miranda”, if you don’t know who she is, before reading this book.

The only reason why I say this, is because you will find Peggy & Me even more hilarious if you can imagine her voice in your head when you read it.

Miranda’s show makes me hard laugh and her book is no different.

However, I never imagined I’d feel as emotional reading a book written by Miranda Hart, as I did whilst reading Peggy & Me.

Amongst laughing out loud for the duration of the book; I found myself cuddling Floki extra tight during certain scenes where Miranda describes the raw love she has for Peggy and vice versa…

Halfway through the book, Miranda provides us with an interlude on cats versus dogs and it’s pure genius.

My favourite part, however, is when Miranda confesses:

“My command to get Peggy to heel in the park is ‘What’s this?’ (as in what treat is she about to get) which she only understands if spoken quickly and at a high pitch so it sounds like I am screaming ‘horses’ as I pound around the park, for no good reason.”

I do, and have done, the exact same thing with Floki since he was a tiny tot. Using the same phrase and everything! So naturally the visuals I had here were just too hysterical!

The bond between a human and their dog is insurmountable and Miranda’s relatable tales of her life shared with Peggy are both hilarious and hart-warming.

Have you read any good books lately? Please let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking for a good read and it doesn’t necessarily need to be dog related… Shhhh 😉

Much love and light

Lisa & Floki

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Photography by:

Emma O’Brien

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