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Over 500 dogs are put to sleep EVERY DAY in South Africa and in the US this figure is at 1800 PER DAY! – Emma O’Brien says in a blog post about rescue dogs.

Would you give a Mutt a chance after letting those numbers sink in?

In 2017 award winning photographer and friend of MDAMB, Emma O’Brien, set out on a mission to self publish Mutts the Book which is all about one of a kind rescue dogs.

Emma worked exceptionally hard to make sure the inspiring stories of 67 now homed rescue dogs would be shared with the world. I was privileged enough to watch her journey first hand, as she crowd funded over R160 000 to make Mutts a reality.

As often as she can, Emma donates her time to CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) and the Sandton SPCA to photograph dogs and puppies who are waiting for their forever homes. Her ability to capture their respective characters plays a significant part in rehoming them quickly.

I’ll never forget the first photoshoot I helped Emma with at the Sandton SPCA around two years ago now… I cried the whole way home.

What upset me most was the abundance of domesticated dogs who had clearly come from a home where the time was taken to teach them manners. They knew what a treat was and sat patiently for their portrait to be taken by Emma. They believed they were loved – only to be discarded at a shelter because their owners got a new puppy, or the garden was too small, or they barked too much and the list goes on.

The sad truth is that too many humans out there do not deserve the love of a dog, but then an incredible heart like Emma O’Brien comes along and gives you hope for these abandoned and neglected souls.

The day I got my copy of Mutts, I spent all morning on my patio in the sunshine, paging through each story, only taking short breaks to refill my cup of coffee. Naturally, some stories are bound to bring on a tear or two but in my case, I simply couldn’t stop smiling. Learning about each of these formerly disadvantaged dogs and seeing how happy they are now, is truly heartwarming.

Before I met Emma I thought a visit to a shelter would devastate me, but she truly opened my eyes to all the ways you can help if you are unable to adopt, and I am forever grateful to her for that. Now when people ask me what breed Floki is, I am always proud to say “he’s a little mutt”.

Floki insists on a bedtime story every evening and his current favourite is about Skruffy, probably because of their shared love for rubber door stops.

Emma kindly allowed me to share Skruffy’s story with you today:

Mutts makes an amazing gift for any dog lover. I should know, I have given a copy to four people already! Our copy is currently gracing our coffee table and I love showing our guests my favourite stories and sharing the importance of adoption and how truly special mutts are.

You will find Mutts the Book in Exclusive Books stores nationwide for just R375 or you can shop online by following this link. Proceeds go to CLAW and Sandton SPCA to assist them with their ongoing work helping animals in the local community.

So not only would you be contributing to a worthy cause, your coffee table will never look better!

If you already have a copy of Mutts, please share your favourite story in the comments below or if you have a special rescue baby of your own, I would love to hear their story too!

Happy reading! 

Lisa & Floki


Emma O’Brien



  • Laura
    3 months ago

    Amazing story…
    Thank you Emma for all the work you do to bring awareness to all the endless doggies in shelters..
    And thank you Lisa, for helping Emma on this journey to en lighten people of how they can help..
    Love the blog

  • Michelle Clarke
    3 months ago

    I will be sure to go and get a copy! Lovely idea!

  • Michele Engelmann
    3 months ago

    I love all the stories in the Mutts book but the most special o e is off Tigg…cause he is my boy.

    • 3 months ago

      Oh how wonderful! The satellite booster himself! Tigg is a beautiful boy and really lucky to have you as his forever family. Thank you for reading 🙂

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