Possums On Burnside, Craighall

Possums On Burnside, Craighall

Floki and I, along with Emma and her rescue dog Hazel, recently decided to escape the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg within a perfect little oasis, otherwise known as Possums.

Located just off Jan Smuts Avenue in Johannesburg, this gem of a restaurant makes you feel as though you are holidaying in Italy…

Seated in Possums peaceful courtyard, we quickly forgot that we were adjacent to one of the busiest roads in the city!

After much deliberation through their deliciously extensive menu, we decided to settle for a selection of tapas including, beef carpaccio with shavings of parmesan and rocket, antipasto skewers of mozzarella, green pepper, olives, onion and basil and a variety of crostini toasts.

In addition to supporting farmers who strive to produce organic whole foods, Possums has their very own kitchen garden. I try to shop as organic as possible for our own fruit and veg. I love that Possums are able to create their menu to reflect the seasons.

Due to this, we could most definitely taste the love and care that went into each ingredient in our meal. It was absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to go back!

Perhaps we should next visit on a Saturday or Sunday for some Prosecco on tap and live music to set the tone for the week…

Hazel, like Floki, was adopted from Ark Animal Centre by Emma in March 2012 and I absolutely adore her.

Don’t tell Floki but I’ve often referred to Hazel as my “soul dog” and here’s why…

Hazel “doesn’t do dog”. She is much more a people dog than a dog dog. I can totally relate because I am much more a dog person than a people person!

She can frequently be found hidden in anything that’s big enough for her to crawl in to. This usually includes her igloo bed or an empty bag of dog food. Hazel then proceeds to growl at the rest of the pack if they dare walk past her den.

Recently, in a desperate attempt for some solitude from her siblings, she tried her luck with an empty pizza box. As a result, unsuccessfully only managed to squeeze her head in.

When there are days when I feel particularly disappointed by the human race. I am so tempted to channel my inner Hazel, hide in a comfy sleeping bag and growl at passersby…

Based on the above information, it should come as no surprise that Hazel was absolutely horrified to be held with Floki in my arms.

She much preferred secret one-on-one cuddles with me instead.


The Possums waitrons literally wait on you hand and foot! Our waitress was exceptionally friendly and made us feel right at home in our calming surroundings.

In fact, Floki felt so relaxed that for the first time ever, he decided to rest his chin on the table and have a little nap.

Possums recycle the rolls of brown paper that adorn their tables for a children’s school book initiative.

I like to think that Floki sensed this and was sending lots of love into our brown paper tablecloth.

Suffice to say, Possums ticks all the boxes. The fact that they are dog-friendly is the cherry on top!

We hope to be able to meet the resident poodles, Zulu and Chocola on our next visit. Floki just loves making new friends!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

If you have experienced Possums, tell us about your time in the comments below!

Much love and light,

Lisa & Floki


Photography by:

Emma O’Brien

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